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WELL.DONE Sensor Cables

WELL.DONE Sensor Cables

The WELL.DONE system uses a fibre optic cable as the downhole sensor.

Various different cable designs and fibre types are available to use the WELL.DONE DTS in almost all kind of downhole applications including those with high hydrogen concentration and high temperatures up to 450 °C. LIOS Technology provides the appropriate multimode and singlemode cable. LIOS special single mode high temperature fibre has the advantage that it is unaffected by hydrogen usually causing the darkening of the fibre. The coatings of the optical fibre and the extrusion can be tailored to optimally suit the required resistance to temperature conditions and mechanical impacts.

WELL.DONE Downhole Monitoring Information

WELL.DONE - Distributed Temperature Monitoring  of Upstream Applications in the Oil & Gas Industry

LIOS  WELL.DONE is the most reliable DTS system on the market used for temperature sensing and logging applications in complex as well as simple wells.


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