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We take the temperature all the way - Distributed Temperature Sensing - DTS

We take the temperature all the way - Distributed Temperature Sensing - DTS

LIOS Technology GmbH – Linear Optical Sensors is a dynamic and internationally operating company based in Cologne, Germany with offices in USA and China.

LIOS Technology is the global leader in the development and supply of state of the art frequency domain based distributed temperature monitoring systems. The LIOS DTS product line comprises a range of real-time fibre optic based linear temperature measuring devices.

Building on an innovative development in the field of fibre optic sensor engineering, LIOS provides customised solutions in various markets for modern asset management and global condition monitoring. With more than 2500 installations worldwide, LIOS sets the benchmark in reliability and track record.

Our strengths as a company concerned with the development and production of hardware and software for linear sensor engineering lie in our ability to turn advanced technology into robust and flexibly deployable products. In conscious of the strong requirements being made in the safety market, we provide a highly proven product based on the compliance with international quality standards recognised by impartial and competent partners for type testing our products like the VdS (Association of German Property Insurers) and is furthermore reflected in our implemented quality management system, certified according EN ISO 9001 / Edition 12/2008 and the environmental management system according to EN ISO 14001:2005. In this context, we focus not only on the pure sensor technology itself, but also on the application-related downstream processing of the recorded measuring data and on linking up data communications between systems.