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    Focus On - Temperature Logging in the Oil and Gas Upstream Industry
    Focus On

    Temperature Logging in the Oil and Gas Upstream Industry


    LIOS Technology cooperates with AIP from Colombia which is a successful company active in the Oil & Gas Upstream sector.
    AIP offers high quality integrated solutions for the development of projects involving data acquisition, management and analysis of oil and gas reservoirs, wells and injection wells.
    Besides tools like flow meters, micro torque meters, pressure gauges, Cement Bond logger (CBL) and point acoustic sensors AIP also deploys Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) systems.

    WELL.DONE is the reliable basis for AIP’s FOCUS℠ service which has been designed as an ongoing temperature monitoring system capable of taking measurements along the entire length of the fibre and creating real time temperature profiles with immediate results. It is equipped with a portable WELL.DONE DTS system enabling to view the resulting data in one’s work station through the use of specialized software. Aside from this feature, the service includes reliable interpretation of the data with quantitative and qualitative analysis of the flow profiles inside the well.

    One of the models AIP has created is based on an old patent “Temperature Pulsed Injectivity Profiling” from 1973 by Roy D. Coles and partners. This is a well logging process for measuring temperature to determine the injectivity profile of a reservoir interval which is improved by injecting a temperature pulsing fluid of known amount and distinctive temperature within short time, measuring a rate with depth, and determining the corresponding rate with depth of inflow of fluid into the reservoir interval.   

    Typical installations:

      Cemented capillary in the annular along the well’s full depth
      Capillary anchored to the tubing or injection pipe along the well’s depth
      A capillary located in the annular, between the tubing/injection and the casing along the entire well


    WELL.DONE Downhole Monitoring Information

    WELL.DONE - Distributed Temperature Monitoring  of Upstream Applications in the Oil & Gas Industry

    LIOS  WELL.DONE is the most reliable DTS system on the market used for temperature sensing and logging applications in complex as well as simple wells.

    WELL.DONE DTS Brochure

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