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     - Setting Standards for Highly Reliable DTS Performance

    Setting Standards for Highly Reliable DTS Performance


    Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) systems are widely used for fire detection in tunnels and for temperature measurements in industrial plants, along wells, power cables or pipelines. Most of these applications are safety relevant and require high reliability and uptime of the sensor system.

    LIOS Technology GmbH is the leading manufacturer of industrial DTS systems with an impressive track record of more than 1500 installations in permanent operation. Its current DTS product series was carefully designed and thoroughly tested targeting reliable performance and smooth operation in industrial environments.
    This was imposingly endorsed by the latest statistical field analysis in respect of a mean time between failures (MTBF) evaluation. Adapted from field data of our installed base of the current DTS product series an excellent MTBF figure of 28 years was reached after third quarter of 2007.

    High reliability is also a result of the unique optical frequency-domain reflectometry (OFDR) technology of the LIOS DTS systems. In contrast to time-domain technology using pulsed lasers with high peak powers, the LIOS OFDR DTS uses a quasi-continuous laser with low peak power resulting in a nonexistent wear out of the laser unit or any other fatigue of other optical components. The exceptional reliability favors the deployment of the LIOS DTS systems in all remote, safety-relevant and industrial applications.