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    SOLIT Conflagration Study Completed in Asturias

    SOLIT Conflagration Study Completed in Asturias


    120 people from around the world recently witnessed a prime example of the interface between advanced technologies and successful tunnel firefighting. In its capacity as a partner of Germany’s Ministry of Economics and Technology, LIOS Technology is making a significant contribution to successful realization of the SOLIT (Safety of Lives in Tunnels) study.

    The European test tunnel Sankt Pedro de Anes in Oviedo in Spain’s Asturias province provides researchers with a unique facility in which to conduct fire tests under real conditions. Over the course of the four-month SOLIT study, fire tests ranging from single-digit to over 100 megawatts were realized under an extremely broad range of tunnel wind and fire load conditions. The painstaking analysis of the fire tests and the attendant results will be applied to the development of fire alarm products and will further solidify LIOS Technology’s position as a market leader in the tunnel fire detection field.

    DE.TECT Fire Detection Information

    DE.TECT - Fibre Optic Linear Heat Detector for Fire Detection

    LIOS DE.TECT is the state of the art fire detection system to provide optimum safety for fire detection in tunnels and other special hazard areas.


    DE.TECT Linear Heat Detection Brochure

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