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    Real Time Field Management Summit 2007

    Real Time Field Management Summit 2007


    Increased efficiency, enhanced recovery and reduced operational costs are the compelling benefits of digital oilfields. But how far are you from achieving them? There remain crucial issues that you have to address before you can reap these benefits. Achieving smart oilfields for optimal production through effective management and integration of human, technical and technological capabilities.

    Come and join us at this pivotal event to help you capture the full benefits of real time field management with very informative, highly interactive contributions by:
    Petroleum Development Oman, Sarawak Shell (Malaysia), Rashid Petroleum Company (Egypt),  Petronas PASB (Malaysia), Baker Hughes ProductionQuest (UK), Energistics (USA) and LIOS Technology (Germany).

    LIOS’ DTS products for oil and gas exploration are showcased in the following session:


    Permanent optical in-well monitoring systems are gaining more and more acceptance in upstream oil and gas production operation and are a fundamental base for real time field management. Now this technology is being applied to low cost onshore wells. This session will present the generic design and implementation of an exemplary case study for permanent DTS downhole sensing of land wells. The entire scope of equipment from the well site to the office is taken into account with focus on the DTS readout unit applying the OFDR technology, a WITSML compatible data output and a real time data transmission to the office domain.

    The presented solution is characterized by the following key success factors:

    • Cost-effective solution with standard fit-for-purpose products successful even for low cost well environments
    • Design and working practices enable large-scale role out
    • Low entry barrier as measured data and derived information can be directly accessed by the end user in real time
    • Presented technology has evolved maturity and robustness and meet industrial standards

    Conference: 24-25 April 2007 • Masterclasses: 23 April 2007
    Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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