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    RTTR: Integrated Solution for Power Cable Monitoring

    RTTR: Integrated Solution for Power Cable Monitoring


    The online measured, distributed temperature information of the monitored cable system is especially valuable for dynamic rating. LIOS provides an integrated Real Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) evaluation via a well defined interface between its data visualisation software and a commercialised cable ampacity program. These two technologies are efficiently combined to produce a system capable of computing the future cable ampacity based on real-time temperature measurements.

    The RTTR engine computes the current-carrying capacity (or ampacity) of underground cables in steady and transient states. Cable operators are especially interested in  transient simulations to estimate the current that can be safely transferred from another circuit due to emergency situations (maintenance, outages, faults, etc.). Typical situations include emergency ratings for 20 minutes, three hours, 24 hours and up to one week.

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