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    NKT group to decrease emission of CO2 by 12 percent  over three years

    NKT group to decrease emission of CO2 by 12 percent over three years


    “Recycling and the environment have been an integral part of NKT’s working agenda for many years. But our ambition is to be even greener,” says NKT’s CTO Søren Isaksen.

    Over the next three years NKT will cut corporate carbon emission by a further 12%. The announcement of this specific target is a direct result of NKT’s decision last year to join the Carbon Disclosure Project.

    “When submitting our first report to the Carbon Disclosure Project we could see that we had actually exceeded our own expectations. In the period 2001 to 2008, in our cable business, we reduced CO2 emission relative to output by 48%. So we feel we are already well on the way,” says Søren Isaksen, Chief Technology Officer for the NKT Group.

    “However, this does not prevent NKT from setting new targets,” stresses Søren Isaksen. “In future, the ability to document carbon dioxide emission will be an important competitive parameter. Just as we impose demands on our suppliers, our customers impose demands on us. In this way, all players in the supply chain influence the environmental and carbon balance sheets.”

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