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    More than five tunnels in a row: Betuweroute Freight Line, Netherlands

    More than five tunnels in a row: Betuweroute Freight Line, Netherlands


    Siemens Nederland N.V. equiped all tunnels of the Dutch Betuwe project with the FibroLaser II® linear heat detection system developed and manufactured by LIOS Technology. The Betuweroute is a 160km long double-track freight railway. It is the largest infrastructure project in the Netherlands. Construction officially started on 3 June 1997, and on its completion in 2005, it will link the Mainport Rotterdam with Zevenaar on the Dutch/German border. The tunnels are designed for double-stacked trains and safety had a major influence on the design. Major safety features are a sprinkler system - controlled by FibroLaser II® - that is designed to stop LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) tankers exploding in the event of an accident and heat resistant cladding that will protect the tunnel interior for two hours.

    DE.TECT Fire Detection Information

    DE.TECT - Fibre Optic Linear Heat Detector for Fire Detection

    LIOS DE.TECT is the state of the art fire detection system to provide optimum safety for fire detection in tunnels and other special hazard areas.


    DE.TECT Linear Heat Detection Brochure

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