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     - LIOS Technology Wins a 5 Year DTS Contract in the Far East

    LIOS Technology Wins a 5 Year DTS Contract in the Far East


    LIOS Technology GmbH has been awarded a 5 year contract by a major Operator in the Far-East

    LIOS Technology, the leader in affordable cost effective DTS systems in Oil and Gas exploration, announces the award of a 5 year contract from a major Operator in the Far East. This contract was awarded after a successful 2 year field evaluation period for the supply of DTS for downhole monitoring deployments at onshore wells.

    LIOS Technology’s sophisticated Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) systems offer the unique ability to provide a reliable, non-intrusive means of continuous temperature logging of wells in Oil and Gas exploration, enabling full coverage of complex and multilateral wells with a single optical fibre cable. The LIOS DTS continuously monitors the temperature of an optic fibre at all points along its entire length.

    For this contract LIOS Technology teamed up with and operates closely together with an optical pressure sensing company and a major local Service Company. 

    LIOS Technology GmbH is the first DTS supplier with an approved WITSML data interface. The petrotechnical protocol standard WITSML ensures compatible data streams on TCP/IP level of distributed temperature profiles, backscattering profiles and event data. LIOS offers its DTS systems with integrated protocol converter, technologies to safely transfer data and enable its integration into customised database structures. The Petroleum Engineers in the office can monitor the status of their wells live on their computer screens.

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    » LIOS Technology Wins a 5 Year DTS Contract in the Far East

    Oil and gas well optimisation and reservoir performance improvement

    WELL.DONE Downhole Monitoring Information

    WELL.DONE - Distributed Temperature Monitoring  of Upstream Applications in the Oil & Gas Industry

    LIOS  WELL.DONE is the most reliable DTS system on the market used for temperature sensing and logging applications in complex as well as simple wells.

    WELL.DONE DTS Brochure

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