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    LIOS Technology Inc Announces Strategic Partnership Prime Photonics LC

    LIOS Technology Inc Announces Strategic Partnership Prime Photonics LC


    Agreement delivers extension of fibre optical measurement portfolio

    LIOS Technology Inc, the leading provider of OFDR distributed temperature measurement systems; today announced a strategic partnership agreement with Prime Photonics LC, a technology leader in extreme environment sensor solutions for the commercial and military product marketplace.
    The crucial benefit of this cooperation between two leading suppliers of fibre optic based measurement systems and sensors is to combine customer bases and expand the scope of measurements offering point-type as well as distributed measurements.

    "We're excited to offer our products through Prime Photonics LC," says Konrad Linckh, Vice President of LIOS Technology Inc. "This partnership allows LIOS Technology to expand its market penetration, combine the application knowledge with Prime Photonics LC and offer an increased range of measurement options.

    “We see tremendous potential for LIOS distributed sensing products in the US and we look forward to exploring the significant product and technology synergies that will be available through the partnership of LIOS and Prime,” says Steve Poland, Prime Photonics CEO.

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