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    LIOS DTS to monitor power plant circuits in Fujairah, UAE

    LIOS DTS to monitor power plant circuits in Fujairah, UAE


    LIOS Technology GmbH has provided its latest integrated thermal monitoring systems for the Fujairah Power Plant, UAE. The 132 kV x 800 mm2 resp. 600 mm2 power cable circuits at Fujairah Power Plant are equipped with fibre optic sensor cables for distributed temperature measurement.
    LIOS distributed temperature sensing (DTS) units provide real time information on thermal conditions along the entire cable circuits. Due to the direct link to the real time thermal rating (RTTR) calculation engine critical conductor temperatures as well as emergency ratings and ampacity predictions are placed at the disposal of the local operator ADWEA in real time.
    All system components are integrated into the operator’s IT network, so data visualisation and processing is enabled at multiple PC clients as well as through the operator’s overall management system (SCADA). Online access to this essential set of operational data ensures safety, the optimum utilization of the grid capacity and the ability to react quickly to critical load situations.

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