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    EN.SURE Grid Safety - Explore Global Condition Monitoring Solutions in Dubai
    EN.SURE Grid Safety

    Explore Global Condition Monitoring Solutions in Dubai


    LIOS Technology GmbH is pleased to invite you to visit Middle East Electricity 2012 , taking place on February 7 - 9, 2012 in Dubai.

    Our booth number:  1F38

    Dubai International Exhibition Centre

    In this show, we proudly present full range and latest Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) systems and Real Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) solutions for ampacity predictions of energy transmission and distribution assets, consolidating into global condition monitoring solutions :

    • Highly reliable DTS systems with a range of up to 20 km at a single ended multi mode fibre and with a range of up to 40 km at a single ended single mode fibre
    • Customised software solutions for power cable and aerial line real-time monitoring including data storage, visualisation, Dynamic Cable Rating (RTTR) and integration into SCADA systems
    • Fibre optic sensor cables (dielectric), fibre in metal tubes FIMT
    • Full project engineering support during tendering and evaluation phase, commissioning and training on site as well as service and maintenance capabilities
    • Complete cabinet mounted industrial solutions for our fibre optic temperature sensing systems.

    Our products are well introduced and accepted by the leading utilities, consultants, contractors and power cable manufacturers active in the Middle East. LIOS is here to help you applying the latest global condition monitoring solutions for all of your energy transmission and distribution systems applications. 

    We look forward to seeing you in Dubai!


    EN.SURE Power Cable Condition Monitoring Information

    EN.SURE - Load Management, Optimization and Save Grid Operation

    EN.SURE  is a continuous and cost-effective monitoring solution of the electric power transmission and distribution grid and is the key factor for a successful Smart Grid implementation.

    EN.SURE DTS Brochure

    EN.SURE Real Time Thermal Rating RTTR Brochure

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