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    Containment Integrity Monitoring Solutions for LNG Carriers

    Containment Integrity Monitoring Solutions for LNG Carriers



    • Temperature monitoring of the entire containment
    • Installation of the fibre optic sensor cable between primary and secondary membrane or between hull and secondary membrane

    LIOS Technology distributed temperature measurement system (DTS-System) is suited ideally to detect reliably and to locate precisely any temperature anomaly caused by an accidental release of LNG. Our innovative and patented OFDR evaluation method enables the determination of a continuous temperature profile along the entire length of an optical fibre offering thousand of data points at a single measurement. Based on our expert knowledge and our impressive record of safety installations we have developed suitable alarm processing algorithm to detect temperature events fast, reliably and precisely. Also multiple temperature events are identified and pinpointed simultaneously allowing the operator to initiate proper counter measures rapidly.

    With the capability to use multiple optical channels and a measurement range of  several kilometres per channel the LIOS Technology DTS system is a cost - sensitive solution for an entire cryogenic supervision including containments, foundations, pumps and piping.  The system supplies precise temperature information which facilitates the control of cool-down operations like load- and unload procedures. Additionally an optional loop set-up of the sensor cable enables a redundant operation of the system. Consequently the entire measurement length keeps maintained in case of single fibre break.  Summarized the operator takes the following benefit from using LIOS Technology DTS system:

    • Full information of containment integrity – everywhere at any time
    • Significantly reduced off-times due to exact pinpointing of leaks
    • Enabling effective and automatic counter measures
    • Fast detection of slow leaks as well as sudden leaks
    • Better control of load and unload procedures (cool-down operations)
    • Maximum safety of people, assets and environment
    • Redundant operation thanks to loop set-up of the sensor cable
    • Reduced installation efforts – additional wiring is not required
    • Low maintenance efforts and cost
    • Long lifetime

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