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    Best fire surveillance for more than 90 percent of the road tunnels in Croatia

    Best fire surveillance for more than 90 percent of the road tunnels in Croatia


    LIOS Technology and its Croatian partner Tehnomobil have set a new standard for modern fire safety solutions for the road tunnel network in Croatia.
    At present an impressive share of more than 90 % of the Croatian road tunnels are equipped with the fibre optic fire detection system by LIOS Technology. In 28 tunnels with in total 55 tunnel tubes the purely passive LIOS fibre optic line sensor cable has been installed by Tehnomobil for reliable and fast fire detection. Those tunnels with tube lengths ranging from 500m to almost 6000m were newly opened in recent years or re-opened after full refurbishments where the conventional line type fire detection system could be replaced by the fibre optic LIOS system. Within LIOS Technology’s long list of tunnel projects in Croatia it is worth to stress the tunnels Veliki Glozac and Brinje which received best scores at recent European tunnel safety rankings.

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    Tehnomobil and LIOS, the Motor for Tunnel Innovation and Safety in Croatia



    DE.TECT Fire Detection Information

    DE.TECT - Fibre Optic Linear Heat Detector for Fire Detection

    LIOS DE.TECT is the state of the art fire detection system to provide optimum safety for fire detection in tunnels and other special hazard areas.


    DE.TECT Linear Heat Detection Brochure

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