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     - Beijing Olympics 2008 - Enhanced Power Grid Monitored by LIOS

    Beijing Olympics 2008 - Enhanced Power Grid Monitored by LIOS


    LIOS Technology  provides temperature surveillance for Beijing’s Olympic park electrical grid expansion project  in cooperation with its local partner Sindia. The first two 220kV cable systems at Bachang (system length 10 km, power cable provided by Silec Cable (Sagem), France) and at Lianchang (system length 7 km, power cables provided by Brugg Cables, Switzerland) were put in operation recently. LIOS Technology covers both cable circuits operated by  Beijing Electric Power Corp. with its latest product series OTS100P.

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    Distributed temperature monitoring on power cables


    EN.SURE Power Cable Condition Monitoring Information

    EN.SURE - Load Management, Optimization and Save Grid Operation

    EN.SURE  is a continuous and cost-effective monitoring solution of the electric power transmission and distribution grid and is the key factor for a successful Smart Grid implementation.

    EN.SURE DTS Brochure

    EN.SURE Real Time Thermal Rating RTTR Brochure

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