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LIOS Technology lowers CO2 emission

LIOS Technology lowers CO2 emission

The global climate is under pressure due to human activity. The UN’s climate panel deems it overwhelmingly probable that the global warming we have experienced in the past 50 years is manmade.

Accordingly, the UN is working to stabilize the atmospheric content of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, at a level that will prevent serious manmade climate changes.

As member of a global industrial conglomerate, LIOS wishes to support the development towards more environmentally sustainable business operation. Industry and production have an important part to play in the work to control carbon emission, and it is LIOS' and its holding organisation NKT’s ambition to reduce the Group’s carbon dioxide emission.

In 2011 the NKT Group achieved its goal of a 12% reduction in CO2 emission relative to output. Set in 2008, the goal was to be achieved in the period 2009-2011, against the 2008 baseline figure. The result was obtained by means of energy economy measures and new, more energy-efficient production facilities.

The NKT Group’s greatest contribution to CO2 reduction consists in development of new products that reduce user energy consumption, and development of products that support the spread of sustainable energy production.


Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a non-profit organization supported by 722 institutional investors representing in excess of US$ 87 trillion in assets.

By means of yearly questionnaires the investors receive an insight into company climate activities.

From 2011, 4,000 of the world's leading companies are expected to annually report on their CO2 emissions and on initiatives to reduce it. The data will be compiled into a Global Report that will be published on the CDP website annually in autumn. Here NKT’s corporate data is also available.

More information on the Carbon Disclosure Project