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LIOS Technology GmbH in China

LIOS Technology GmbH in China

LIOS Technology has already a long experience in Asia/Pacific. Please contact LIOS in Shanghai for enquiries from China and the Asia / Pacific region.

LIOS was the first company which introduced fibre optic distributed temperature sensing solutions to countries like China mainland, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Australia and has changed in cooperation with Siemens BT the market for fire detection surveillance in car tunnels and underground metro systems and achieved as the pioneer in China the official fire detection approval already in the year 2000.


LIOS Technology GmbH in China
25/F China Fortune Tower
1568 Century Avenue
Shanghai 200122 
People's Republic of China

德国LIOS技术有限公司 上海联络处

Tel: +86 21 6875 6002
Fax: +86 21 6875 8573

email LIOS info@lios-tech.com
@liostechnology Follow LIOS on weibo  


LIOS Shanghai