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Greeting from the Chairman of the Board

Greeting from the Chairman of the Board

Congratulation to LIOS Technology GmbH for 10 Successful Years!

This year LIOS Technology can celebrate its 10 years anniversary. But the activity which formed the basis of today’s LIOS Technology already took its start in 1995. An innovative group within the German cable company, Felten&Guilleaume (F & G) saw an opportunity for developing a distributed temperature sensing system technique for condition monitoring of power cables, and hence making it possible to exploit the full capacity potential of installed high voltage cable routes. The technology was successfully developed and protected by patents.

Although a technical success, this new technology found – at that time - no traction in the power cable market. Fortunately, market interest for this technology was developed in a completely different application, fire detection in tunnels.
In 1999 F & G was acquired by the NKT Group, which has a long and successful tradition for developing new technology based businesses. Therefore, in 2000 it was decided to spin-out this development activity, including the key employees from the former F & G business.


Several new applications like monitoring of furnaces, pipelines and oil wells have later been developed. And in recent years also the original idea of monitoring high voltage cables has really taken off in the market, covered and supported by new features, such as higher temperature resolution, extended measurement ranges and ampacity predictions. So, LIOS is a true story of successful innovation, which has reached its ambitious goals by being creative, responsive and agile.

In autumn 2008 LIOS moved to its new premises, which enables for further growth and at the same time having a working environment which makes it easy to develop ideas and visions for new products and new areas where to expand. The key people from the foundation of the company are still part of the LIOS team proving their loyalty and commitment to the company. This attitude is also reflected by all new employees building the most valuable asset of the company.

LIOS is still a young company, but based on a solid and powerful technology. LIOS has demonstrated the power of this technology and of its organization by serving many different customers and applications throughout the world. And for the future LIOS also wants to offer its customers a wider range of products and solutions. In this way LIOS hopes to even better than today help its customers in meeting their objectives, thereby creating value for its stakeholders.


Søren Isaksen
Group Executive Director, CTO and
Chairman of the Board of LIOS Technology GmbH