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Sensor Cable for Line Type Fire Detection

Sensor Cable for Line Type Fire Detection

LIOS Technology provides the appropriate sensor cable for every application.

One vital component is a tube that accommodates 2 optical fibres. The coatings of the optical fibre can be tailored to optimally suit the required resistance to temperature conditions and mechanical impacts. The wall thickness of the tube sheathing, the material used and additional protective measures as stranded wires or coatings allow for an optimized design.

Versions with an additional stranded wire layer upon the tube are available for fast temperature detection or if stricter requirements apply with regards to tensile strength and mechanical robustness. For applications with a high amount of electromagnetic disturbances like rail tunnels or power supply line tunnels LIOS offers a metal-free cable to minimize the risk of induced voltages. No electronic components are needed along the cable. The sensor is completely passive over its entire detection range.

The DE.TECT fibre optic linear heat detection can therefore be carried out in areas where high safety risks exist, e.g. in areas with a risk of explosion.