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With DE.TECT temperatures are recorded as a continuous profile along the entire sensor cable compared to a conventional setup using single point-type sensors.

The benefit of achieving highly accurate temperatures over great distances at short measuring times is combined with the ease in installation and data acquisition.

Technical Highlights

  • Linear heat detector for quick fire detection and precise localization of the fire source
  • Alarm and pre-alarm for each zone
  • Selectable alarm and pre-alarm criteria
  • High spatial resolution – down to 0.25 m
  • Signal processing based on OFDR-Technology (Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry)
  • Available with 1, 2 and 4 channels
  • 1000 free programmable zones for each channel
  • Information regarding magnitude and the direction of the fire spread
  • Redundant sensor system applicable
  • Suitable for wind speeds of up to 10 m/s
  • Laser product class 1M according DIN EN 60825-1: 2007


Good Connections

Good Connections

In case of fires developing intense heat and dense smoke, the fire must be kept subdued until the fire brigade arrives. DE.TECT can be coupled to operate with modern fire suppression systems on the basis of water mist that dissipate the heat energy from the fire. DE.TECT pinpoints the fire location and ensures that these fire suppression systems are selectively actuated at the fire location and in the direction of the propagation to allow the fire fighting forces maximum accessibility and to minimize the heat impact on the structure. Extensive tests have confirmed the efficiency of these combined systems in tunnel fires.